Pets on Ice



Download Pets on Ice playable

One of the game jams’ theme within Gameloft Budapest was “You only have one minute”. I had an idea for a while but that was put aside mostly because it could have been content heavy for only 2 days (I designed that idea later and I will start to realize it in a year or so). So we came up with the idea of small animals competing with each other in an icy ring. We could almost put in everything we designed, and the game is really fun to play. 🙂 Nyaki coded everything, Szilárd took control of putting art, animations, music and sounds in the game. I made some temporary graphics to work with, and later started to draw the dog (a cute corgi) and cat (a silver-gray one), and then some color variations of them. I also made blue and red accessories (socks, ribbons, collars), but we didn’t have time to implement those. I also wanted to make two more pets, a piggy and a kid (I mean the little goat :)), we ran out of time with those too.
But we included some power-ups: a boxing glove to hit the other player’s pet, a banana peel, to double momentum, and a bomb, to clear the middle circle. The goal, of course is to be in the middle circle alone, so our timer can start/continue countdown until it reaches 0:00. The game can be played only by two players, so it’s a kind of party game. 🙂
We came out second place on the game jam. 🙂