Hello world!


This homepage is dedicated to sharing my home projects with whoever is interested. I won’t post regularly, only if I actually have something to say or show.

The Adventures of Ian Stokesworth – Conquering the Valley of the Kings

I am currently not working on it, it’s put on hold for a while (see below). I wanted to hire someone to make some neat concepts but it seems everybody is occupied. It could be that I will just draw it myself, and hope for the best :). Still, I mostly try to better my coding skills with GMS.

HEJ (Havi egy játék – One Game a Month’s Hungarian division)

I do have to step up my coding skills in GMS2, and a new version is nearing to release, so I keep doing HEJ game jams, try to give new and new stuff to my collection of re-useable parts, and doing something new, or new and better than before. I am also behind with some neat tutorials, like Shaun Spalding’s ARPG tutorial series, from I hope to learn some new and interesting stuff.

What’s new?

  • Added The Chromatic Shield section
  • Updated Firebat section
  • Added The Sorcerer’s Dungeon section