Hello world!


This homepage is dedicated to sharing my home projects with whoever is interested. I won’t post regularly, only if I actually have something to say or show.

The Adventures of Ian Stokesworth – Conquering the Valley of the Kings

I am currently working on it. I changed the subtitle from “Pyramids”, not sure yet if it will be “Valley of the Kings”, but I sure moved the story there. I bought an album about this place and upon reading through I thought it would be a much better setting than the pyramids. No graphical update, as I’m still working on game code and features, core mechanics for the game. I will finish in a month or so, right now I’m occupied with the menu system.

The Black Lamp

I participated a 1GAM Hungarian game jam, and I made a section for it on this homepage. I even expand on this a bit (not much) or continue the Ian Stokesworth project I don’t know yet. I encountered some health issues and this can make my creative veins to dwindle most of the times. Hopefully I’ll recover soon and I can put more time to my pet projects too.

What’s new?

  • Updated Ian Stokesworth section
  • Added The Black Lamp section
  • Added LUSH section