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This homepage is dedicated to sharing my home projects with whoever is interested. I won’t post regularly, only if I actually have something to say or show.

Game jam in the air!

So, I participated in a couple of game jams, and we are waiting for the results of the latest (Cool-Tist), so I decided to collect some pictures of games from past game jams and write a couple of words about them. I rounded up four games, see them in their separate sections.

The Adventures of Ian Stokesworth – Conquering the Valley of the Kings

I am currently working on it. I changed the subtitle from “Pyramids”, not sure yet if it will be “Valley of the Kings”, but I sure moved the story there. I bought an album about this place and upon reading through I thought it would be a much better setting than the pyramids. No graphical update, as I’m still working on game code and features, core mechanics for the game. I will finish in a month or so, right now I’m occupied with the menu system.

What’s new?

  • Added From Hell to Heaven and Back section
  • Added Drunken Pirates from Outer Space, Ano-Rexy, Star Paws and Cool-Tist sections
  • Updated Ian Stokesworth section