From Hell to Heaven and Back


I have had an idea for so long, that it goes back, I think, more than ten years… Unfortunate events put this project on hold for very long (mostly, having no time to work on it). But over the years I made so many assets for it, that I decided I will make a section for them. I created 40 enemies with animations, and at some point I started to pixelize my tilesets (wip) featuring Hell, Earth – city, Earth – forest, Heaven – skies and Heaven – space. I also designed some backgrounds, too.

ch_clr_pixel_phases_jump2                             ch_clr_pixel_phases_idle1                             ch_clr_pixel_phases_jumpready3                            ch_clr_pixel_dead_idle

First of all, I imagined this game on mobile devices (touch control), but if I will prototype it, I will do it for PC. The idea was that a little devil kid tries to find his long time no see friend, an angel girl. For that, he has to break through the dimension walls and for that he needs a lot of food. On the maps the player collects food in Hell, and then proceeds to Earth, and then goes on to Heaven. In every dimension he has to avoid enemies, as they can knock the devil kid down a bit, so the player can run out of the given time. In certain maps bosses present new types of challenges, but with the same mechanic the player is already familiar with.

4armed_statue3_idle              olddevil_walk               chameleon_idle               helicopter_fly               seraph3_teleport               archa_tele

I also wrote an incredible amount of documentation (too much really) for this, for how I imagine the whole game. So design is set in stone so to speak, but of course I know well that it can change during production. Another question for me is the art style. I mean, it will be pixel art, but that wasn’t always the case. Especially the background, I have at least 3-4 test versions, no pixel art background, no pixel art characters, the two combined, but finally I decided all should be pixel art. But during the years my style can change (and it should), meaning, I used too many shades of any given color (as in Sándor Rózsa) and I used dithering too, so I have to take back on that. The Ian Stokesworth project will be my new style test for this.