Ian Stokesworth


My next project is called ‘The Adventures of Ian Stokesworth – Conquering the Pyramids’. On this project I’ll try to go screen by screen and have all the elements before continuing, so I don’t have to backtrack with development. I have to make new code, for example to resize the screen in different zooms. The other big learning experience will be to create proper level design for this game.

Long time no update! I plan to make some tune-ups in the code (many, compared to the Autumn special), one is to manage language versions from external files. I started to investigate the JSON format and how I should save/load all the texts for the game. Thanks to Shaun Spalding’s tutorials I managed to wrap my mind around how the JSON save and load works in Game Maker, and I made a tool where I can type in texts and save them (with or without encryption). I can even move and jump to records, add new ones, edit, and swap their contents. It is a rough tool, but will be useful to create texts for this (or my future) games.