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Another HEJ gamejam game _ _ _ is here, made in one month period. The theme was: NOTHING IS EXPLAINED. My original idea was not to write here anything else, but I realized that people tend to give up or not notice feedbacks as there is no tutorial in this game. I included a spoiler section in the license file with a walkthrough to explain how they have to be completed.


So the first idea was to make a game with the “white room” principle, where not the protagonist nor the viewer (player) knows how they got there or what to do on first glance. Then I expanded the idea to that feeling when someone got a bunch of games back in tha 80’s and 90’s for an 8-bit computer and if there was no booklet or any other instructions and players had to figure out a game by themselves. I also wanted to show some familiar elements from oldschool games, so the collection of all donuts, the chasing ghosts, and the second level’s layout resembles Pacman, and the tagging of the holes resembles Minesweeper. With these I already could make a couple of levels.


I had to make a new type of control I never made before: the point’n click style. It’s a basic one, but still serves its purpose. The ghosts’ AI is also more advanced than anything I made before. They even chase the player, or they walk in a gridlike fashion on randomly selected points. (Though on the last level they seem to congregate on the lower right corner for some reason, I never really found out why… :D)


I expanded these features wherever I could on the levels, so there are labyrinths, tall constructs, chasing and running away. The game is around 1.5 – 2 hours of gameplay, very long for 7 levels, but the 6th is a puzzle where the player has to have a lot of patience.


This idea also stays in prototype phase as LUSH do. I like my first HEJ game The Black Lamp so much I already expanded on it with some new features, and I’ll make new version for the public as soon as I finished the menu and some new levels.