Download LUSH prototype

LUSH was made for the September challenge of HEJ, and the theme was COLOR CHANGES EVERYTHING. The idea was, to have the player take care of arriving colorful creatures by creating matching colored environments. As more and more of them arrives, more colorful environments created and all of them have their own unique look and feel, making this gray, Dimension 0 a colorful one, lush with life (hence the project’s name). Well, this game maybe reached a level so it can be called a prototype, and though it was fun to crete it, I do not plan to continue this.

I again enjoyed to create small effects and the cinematic main title with narration by me. 🙂 I programmed 6 colors to use (planned 12…) so the player is able to cycle through them, and shoot a blob with the active color to create a bubble-like mini dimension where the creature with the same color can exist without slowly dying. Some of the environments affect the player and/or the other creatures, and some of the creatures affect the player and each other. I included a HELP function (F1), but reading it first won’t make too much sense only after a couple of plays. I also added the usual info points to teach the controls, and a Health Station. The protagonist can be damaged by lava floor (without orange color selected) and otygs (red creatures from the dreaded Blood Dimension) damages everyone.



I run into programming problems with overlapping collision boxes and I realized (again) how unstructured my code is. So I’ll try to heed this more in the future. Depending what the next month’s theme will be I my return to the Ian Stokesworth project and try to rewrite code making it more logical and transparent.