The latest game jam had the theme “Not of this world”. I teamed up with a totally new set of people, Perfect Pixel, and made a nice FPS game, called Cool-Tist. This time teams could have up to 4 people. Noémi Várnai made concept arts, Gábor Megellai took the design, Sándor Arányi programmed together everything and me, as usual, made everything pixel.


Our take on the theme was that someone finds a book in a high school, and the book gives powers to its wielder and a clear task to kill the pope. The player can navigate in said school and kill the residents, and has to find the way to accomplish the mission. We included four types of enemies: Boobs, Footballguy, Anderson and Securichie, and of course the final boss, the pope.

character_boobs_walk character_boobs_walk_behind character_boobs_attack character_footballguy_walk character_footballguy_walk_behind character_footballguy_attack

character_anderson_walk character_anderson_walk_behind character_anderson_attack character_securichie_walk character_securichie_walk_behind character_securichie_attack

The player can throw powered pentagram shurikens to kill people and make them into giblets of body parts. Of course those bastards fight back, and the damnation of the protagonist can be seen in the pages of the book as a skull appears and fills up with blood.


After finding an open area and fighting numerous enemies, the player faces (hehe we used everything as sprites) the pope mobile, and has to deal a lot of damage to it to win the level.


We wanted to put in even more features but we ran out of time. We planned a neat boss fight, the popemobil launching rockets to the holy crosshair appearing around it, godrays raking the ground, stuff like that. We wanted three weapon types too, a dagger, the pentakens (which was the only weapon in the end) and a pentagram that shoots out bodyparts, damaging everybody nearby.