Another entry for an in-house game jam with Pixel Protein was ‘Ano-Rexy’, to the theme “Don’t trust your instincts”. Our idea was to control a T-rex, where against all instincts we have to avoid eating all the other dinos and loose body fat as fast as possible.


If the player catches too many dinos, the T-rex’s body fat reaches 100% and game over. But if the player runs like hell from food and takes weight-loss pills too, the dream can be reached, and Rexy becomes skeletal as its idol (a T-rex skeleton in the museum).

I made the protagonist using some 3D animated model I found on the internet. I made screenshots and then made the frames to pixel art.

walk_up walk_side walk_down

This was the last game with Pixel Protein, after about two years of collaboration. 🙂 We came out 2nd place in the competition.