Sándor Rózsa


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It was in 2009 when the idea of a game about Hungarian folklore came to my mind. I envisioned a 2D sidescroller/platformer where the protagonist is the infamous Hungarian rogue, Sándor Rózsa. I already have a sizeable documentation with ideas for a long single player campaign; bunch of ideas for 2 and more person couch coop, and VS, or multiplayer version, and minigames for every season of the year. We have already made one minigame around 2014, the X-Mas Special, with Alberton and Vincenzo. But the first one I programmed by myself was the Autumn Special. I started this project in the spring of 2018, making sure that it would be ready by the time autumn was upon us. This is a practice project, I’m still learning how to handle GMS2, but I managed to finish it in time.

Walking down memory lane…

This was the very first iteration of Sándor Rózsa. 🙂


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Second iteration, I added more color.


Third iteration was mostly about changing the background and adding life to the scene.



I actually plan a fourth iteration. It should be about cutting back the number of shades I use per color. I used easily 14-16 shades which is twice as much as it should be. I also used straight color palettes instead of hue-shifted ones. Though at that time this seemed logical, to ensure vibrant, cartoonish colors with the opportunity to have nice shades, I am not sure it is really necessary. I’ll see when I start working on this project again.