About me

I have been a game developer for over 20 years now. Though I studied at an architecture school and a programming school, I ended up creating 3D assets for game developer companies like Philos Labs, Stormregion, Crytek, and currently for Gameloft. Since I first delved into video games with a c64, I have always adored pixel art and I was curious how video games were made. Given that this was in the 80s and 90s, and I was raised in the countryside, with no internet, no kids with similar interest, this curiosity was somewhat abandoned. In high school this changed a little bit, as I played with some games that had great level editors and I built a couple of maps for them.

During my time as a developer I’ve met some people with whom we worked together on a number of home projects. I also participated in some in-house gamejams. I also started the good habit of writing down my ideas so I wouldn’t forget them (some are easily 15-20 pages long).

About a year ago I realized how much I enjoyed developing, and I craved to realize my ideas. I needed a programmer, but I remembered that I had tried to build games in the past. At programming school I actually made a game, called Legends of Akrana, a half Diablo, half JRPG-like game, which worked quite well. I also made a puzzle game called Elements. Much later, I tried Game Maker, but as 5-6 years had passed since I programmed and I used a different language (Turbo Pascal and Delphi), I didn’t want to “waste my time” to learn the language and tools for GM. The reason was that I still needed to practice pixel art, but I could only practice through practical things, like a video game’s assets and characters.

Finally the time came when I started to search for a 2D engine, and do my best to be my own coder. I tried a couple of them, and finally decided Game Maker Studio 2 would be my tool.