Vincenzo – musician, sound designer. We worked together for several years and we have been friends since. He has helped many home developers with his talent to have cool sounds and musics.


Alberton – programmer. We worked together on several game jams, and he made the code for X-Mas Special in GLBasic. And this is just one language he can do code in.

Dobos Bence Homepage

Kerekes Band – musicians, outlaws. They play Hungarian folk, world music combined with punk, funky and dance on traditional instruments.

Kerekes Band Homepage

Zoltán “Nyaki” Nyakacska – programmer. He’s a veteran in the game industry with 10+ years of experience and he’s also well known at demo scene parties. We banded up on the Pets on Ice project.

Nyaki’s Linkedin profile

Szilárd Szabó – product marketing manager. He’s new to game development and Pets on Ice was his very first game jam experience. He passed the test with flying colors! Otherwise he’s doing photo and video shoots and produces video clips for musicians.

Mr Bad Teddy

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